Pressure Steam Sterilization Indicator Tapes
  • Pressure Steam Sterilization Indicator Tapes
Nombre del producto:Pressure Steam Sterilization Indicator Tapes
  • • 1.Steam sterilization indicator tape,the colour reagent and accessories be made of ink, to be printed on a special tape with oblique stripes.
  • • 2.Under a certain temperature and pressure, the colour becames dark gray or black and the colour after sterilization will not fade.
  • • 3. Scissor the appropriate length of indicator tape, stick on the package to be sterilized, under 120°C and pressure exhaust steam sterilizer for 20 minutes, or into the pre-vacuum.
  • • 4.Pressure off 134°C be sterilized for 3.5 minutes, the colour on the tape has been changed from light to dark gray or black.
Usage scope:
It mainly applies to indicate whether various pressure steam sterilizer for fixing the pack and indicating whether the pack(container) has been sterilized.
Intercept proper length tape, paste it to the surface of pending sterilized package and then sterilize. After sterilization, pick out the package and observe the change of tape. If the color changes from light yellow to grey/black,then the pack has been sterilized.
Do not directly attached in metal, glass and other hard surface which are easy to form condensatic, prevent to be wet by condensation of water.
Storage condition:
keep stored in the dark at room temperature 15°C-30°C and 15% relative humidity.
Validity: 24months after producing.

 Indicator Tape
 Code  SizeW(mm)*L(m)  Roll/Carton Carton Size(L*W*H) N(kg) G(kg)
 TRPS1250  12×50  80  300×270×265  5.75  6.15
 TRPS1950  19×50  50 300×270×265  5.75  6.15
TRPS2550  25×50  38  300×270×265  5.75  6.15

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